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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color: The Catalog

When I realized that Beauford Delaney: Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color was going to be a reality, I recognized that it was essential to produce a catalog to document it. Without one, the exhibition would not be taken seriously by the professional art world.

Consequently, we set out to publish a work that is worthy of Beauford's artistic genius.

Catalog cover

The Beauford Delaney: Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color catalog is a 48-page, glossy color publication containing an introduction by curator Laurence Choko and four essays, in English and in French, that speak to various aspects of Beauford's life and oeuvre:

  • Beauford Delaney and Paris, Evolution of an Exhibition by Monique Y. Wells
  • Reading Beauford Delaney's Words and Letters : Three Thoughts by Levi Prombaum
  • Beauford Delaney: An American Artist in Paris by Catherine St. John
  • Beauford Delaney: Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color by Yolanda Wood

The French version of the essays appears in the front of the catalog, followed by color images of all the works.

Catalog - page 12

The English version of the essays appears after the images. Beauford's biography, in French and English, is presented on the last two pages of the publication.

Included at the beginning of the catalog is a page that acknowledges the unique emphasis on education that the Wells International Foundation has built into the exhibition as a reflection of Beauford's passion for helping young people. Descriptions of the University of Arizona Augmented Reality study abroad project and the Global Educator Program for U. S. K-12 teachers are presented here.

Instructions on how to use the Blippar AR application created by the University of Arizona students are presented here, in French and in English. The Blippar logo:

appears beneath the images of the works that are scannable by the application.

The front and back covers of the catalog are also scannable.

Catalogs are available for purchase. For information on how to obtain one, write to .

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