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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color: Before the Opening

The February 3rd opening of the Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color exhibition was a huge success! Photos and a full report on the evening's happenings will come next week.

To whet your appetite for them, I'm sharing behind-the-scenes images of the preparation of the show.

It took three days to hang the exhibition.

Paintings ready for hanging
© Discover Paris!

Thierry hangs La Nativité
© Discover Paris!

Thierry hangs The Eye
© Discover Paris!

Tom Reeves photographs Thierry preparing a painting for hanging
© Discover Paris!

The Grande Salle
© Discover Paris!

Co-curators Monique Wells and Laurence Choko
© Discover Paris!

Monique showing the donor list
© Discover Paris!

Professor Bryan Carter and students from the University of Arizona spent the morning of February 1 video-ing spoken word artist Mike Ladd and me to create Blippar video augments for 20 of the 40+ paintings that are being displayed at the exhibition.

Professor Bryan Carter (far right), University of Arizona students, and Monique (front left)
© Discover Paris!

Professor Carter hangs green screen for video session
© Discover Paris!

Chatting during video session
© Discover Paris!

Mike Ladd
© Discover Paris!

Talking with Professor Carter in the Salle de Conferences
© Discover Paris!

In the meantime, J Rêve International founder, Jacqueline Cofield, was checking out the hotel where the teachers participating in her Global Educator Program will stay during the week of February 15.

Jacqueline Cofield, founder of J Rêve International
© Discover Paris!

Hôtel Le M is one of the two sites in Montparnasse that bears a Beauford Delaney commemorative plaque on the façade.

Hôtel Le M - Beauford Delaney commemorative plaque
© Discover Paris!

J Rêve International is bringing eight U.S. teachers to Paris for a workshop on incorporating the arts into teaching practices for multiple disciplines. Beauford's life and art are the focal point for the workshop.

Among the activities planned are an educator meet-and-greet that will permit teachers in the French and U.S. systems to exchange information and ideas:

and a panel discussion on STEAM and Multiple Intelligences that is open to the public:

Next week - the opening!

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