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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Visiting Thiais Cemetery - Part 2

Last week, I reported on the new tramway that runs past Thiais Cemetery, making it easier than ever to visit Beauford's final resting place.

This week, I am sharing photos of the cemetery that I took in late March. They capture some of the foliage and flora that reflect the arrival of spring.

This is the conservation office, where cemetery records are held.

Conservation Office
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Division 17 is one of two military divisions at the cemetery. In one corner, there is an area devoted to Muslims who gave their lives for France.

Division 17 - entrance
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Division 17 - Christian and Jewish graves
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Muslim graves
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Muslim tombstone
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Some divisions have beautiful flowering trees and bushes.

Division 49
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Division 56
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Many have patches of wildflowers that make a lovely, colorful carpet among the graves.

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In Division 94, the Jardin de Souvenir is where the ashes of two African-American friends of Beauford - Larry Potter and Leroy Haynes - were scattered after their concessions at Thiais Cemetery and Père Lachaise Cemetery, respectively, were not renewed. Larry Potter was an abstract artist. Leroy Haynes was a restaurant owner, boxer, and actor.

Jardin de Souvenir
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In Division 86, where Beauford is buried, this tomb is overlain with an explosion of yellow daffodils. It is only a stone's throw from Beauford's gravesite.

Daffodils covering a grave
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As yellow was Beauford's favorite color, I am sure that he would have loved to see this!

Beauford's tombstone is as pristine today as it was when it was laid in 2010.

Beauford's tombstone - March 2014
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The cemetery is an oasis of calm. Though it takes planning to come here, the effort is well worth it!

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