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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Plaque for Beauford: Latest News

I am thrilled to announce that the City of Paris has granted approval for the placement of a plaque honoring Beauford! It will be affixed to the façade of the two-star Hôtel Odessa, 28, rue d'Odessa, in the 14th arrondissement.

The hotel is modernizing its appearance. When I first visited several months ago, the entrance to the lobby was shaded by a brown awning and the space above the door was opaque. The old model of the Paris tourism plaque was displayed to the left of the door.

Hôtel Odessa Entrance
© Discover Paris!

Now a new, transparent canopy graces the entryway and a glass panel above the door allow more light to enter the lobby. A sleek, new plaque provides details of the hotel's classification for tourists.

Recently renovated entryway at Hôtel Odessa
© Discover Paris!

New canopy at Hôtel Odessa
© Discover Paris!

Beauford's plaque will be placed to the right of the entryway so as to be readily visible to all who pass by.

The next steps will be to determine the final dimensions of the plaque and the material from which it will be constructed.

I will post information about progress on the installation as soon as it becomes available.

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