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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Presenting Beauford at the Links National Assembly

On Friday, July 1, I had the honor and pleasure of presenting Beauford and the Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color exhibition at the Links National Assembly in Las Vegas.

During the fundraising campaign that took place prior to the exhibition, Rita Henderson, National Chairperson for the Arts facet of The Links Incorporated, organized the Links' contribution to the show. The organization's logo appears in the catalog in the section devoted to sponsors.

At that time, Chairperson Henderson approached me about speaking at a program workshop for the Links National Assembly. She said that the Delaney exhibition would be the perfect topic for the session that she was organizing with two other persons who were responsible for the program: Susan Coleman-Parks, Co-Director of the Arts facet, and Joan Prince, National Chair of the International Trends and Services facet. The name of the workshop would be "Make the Connection: International Trends and the Arts as a Global Force for Peace, Friendship, and Healing."

An excerpt from the description for the workshop read as follows:
Experience how we leveraged our Linking with Jamaica initiative through a spotlight on chapter programming in Jamaican communities. Engage with the founder and CEO of a nonprofit, international arts foundation and learn how The Links, Incorporated joined forces to preserve the legacy of the late Beauford Delaney, a Paris expatriate who moved there in 1953 and died there in 1979.
500 persons registered to attend.

Make the Connection workshop sign
© Wells International Foundation

Susan Coleman-Parks, Joan Prince, and Rita Henderson
© Wells International Foundation

During the workshop, I spoke for about 10 minutes, talking about Beauford and citing the founding of Les Amis de Beauford Delaney as the catalyst for organizing the Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color exhibition as the inaugural event for the Wells International Foundation.

Monique at the podium
© Wells International Foundation

I presented the highlights of the educational programming for the exhibition: the University of Arizona Augmented Reality project, the Global Educator Program, and the Blippar app, and invited attendees to come to my table after my talk to see the app in action.

Signs on table
© Wells International Foundation

The reception was overwhelmingly positive! A steady stream of attendees came over to the table to purchase catalogs and see the app in action. And six people gave me their names and contact information so we can communicate about exploring the possibility of bringing the exhibition to a museum in their city!

Monique and Link Stalfana Bello
© Wells International Foundation

I've already begun following up with these ladies and will share any positive news in future blog posts.

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