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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beauford in Vélizy

From time to time, I write a post to share contemporary photos of areas that Beauford frequented in Paris and the neighboring suburbs - the sites he saw, the streets he knew...

Today, I'm bringing you beautiful photos of the home and surroundings of Beauford's dear friend, James LeGros. Jim and his wife Bunny were Beauford's "dear friends in the country" and Beauford spent considerable time with them in the Paris suburb of Vélizy.

According to Jim, Beauford would take the train out to visit him and Bunny.

Cheville-Vélizy train station
© Discover Paris!

But when he had a mind to, Beauford would walk back to his apartment in Clamart, which was over 5 1/2 miles (8.9 km) away when following roads!

Photographer Christian Parramon was gracious enough to share photos of the LeGros home and neighborhood, where Beauford felt so welcome. These images (below) provide a broader perspective than the ones I published in Part 1 of Jim's tribute to Beauford.

The area has been built up since the late 50s, but it is still wooded, idyllic, and peaceful.

Forest and pond behind the LeGros home
© Christian Parramon

Clouds reflected in the étang (pond) behind the LeGros home
© Christian Parramon

View of the LeGros house (far right) from across the étang (pond)
© Christian Parramon

Yard at the LeGros house
© Christian Parramon

Advertisement on the side of the LeGros house
© Christian Parramon

View of first floor window of the LeGros house
© Christian Parramon

Living room of the LeGros house
© Christian Parramon

Hallway of the LeGros house
© Christian Parramon

Thank you, Christian!

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