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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beauford, What is the Price of a Ticket?

Artist Ealy Mays has paid a wonderful tribute to Beauford with his painting entitled Beauford, What is the Price of a Ticket?

Beauford, What is the Price of a Ticket?
Ealy Mays
(2012) Acrylic on canvas
Image courtesy of the artist

Jazz Quartet
Beauford Delaney
(1946) Oil on canvas
Image courtesy of Burt and Patricia Reinfrank

Mays provides the following information about the painting:
Beauford’s original painting was “Jazz Quartet”. Jimmy Baldwin attributed “Price of a Ticket” to his friend Beauford. Ealy Mays pays tribute by combining title with image.

Setting of Beauford’s original painting was more of a church with a woman a playing a Piano. Here, it is changed from a church to a Jazz lounge in Paris, juxtaposing the individuals and instrument played.

For additional information about Mays' original painting, as well as prints and memorabilia of the work, visit his Web site at EalyMaysArtWorks.com.

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