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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where to Find Beauford's Art: Clark Atlanta University Art Galleries - Part 3

I am pleased to present this multi-part article about Beauford's works at Clark Atlanta University Art Galleries in Atlanta, GA. Many thanks to Tina Dunkley and her assistant Cynthia Ham for providing the interview and images upon which this article is based.

The James Baldwin bequest to Clark Atlanta University contained the following paintings by Beauford:
  • Yellow Cypress, 1972, oil on canvas
  • Unknown Portrait (inscription: Saint Paul), 1971, oil on canvas
  • Portrait of James Baldwin*, 1971, oil on canvas
  • Man in Blue, 1972, oil on canvas
  • Abstraction: Yellow and Orange, 1972, watercolor
  • Village (Saint Paul de Vence), 1972, oil on canvas
  • Abstract: Yellow and Red, 1967, oil on canvas
Village (Saint Paul de Vence) is my personal favorite among these works.  It was shown originally shown in the 1973 Darthea Speyer solo exposition of his work and later shown during the solo exposition The Color Yellow mounted by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta in 2002.

Village (Saint Paul de Vence)
(1972) Oil on canvas
Bequest of James Baldwin
Image courtesy of Clark Atlanta University Art Galleries

Beauford first went to Saint Paul de Vence in 1971, the year that his nephew Sam died.  Baldwin invited him there to help him deal with the emotional trauma resulting from Sam's death.  He invited Beauford to the property for Christmas that same year. 

Beauford would go to Saint Paul de Vence again in 1972, this time as a result of Richard A. Long finding him in fragile mental condition during Long's visit to France.  Beauford drew sketches of the town during this trip and created Village and other paintings upon his return to Paris.

In Part 4 of this article, read a personal view of several paintings from the Baldwin bequest.

*Some question whether the person depicted in this portrait is indeed Baldwin.

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