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Saturday, November 10, 2012

"The Doom Music"

Beauford became very close to painter Charley Boggs, his wife Gita, and their son Gordon, soon after he moved to Paris in 1953.  He was a frequent visitor to their Montparnasse apartment and often dined with them there.  After dinner, they would listen to a wide variety of music ranging from gospel to classical.

Charley Boggs
Detail from a photo of Beauford, Charley, and Larry Calcagno in Venise in 1966

One of their favorite pieces was "Adagio in G-Minor for Strings and Organ," which they called "The Doom Music."  Often attributed (incorrectly) to Venetian composer Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni, it is a beautiful composition. To listen to it, click on the image above.

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