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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beauford's Art - The Clamart Years

Last week's posting featured Beauford's home in Clamart, a suburb located 9 km (~5.6 miles) south of Paris.

In James Baldwin's introduction to Beauford's 1964 exposition at the Gallery Lambert in Paris, Baldwin states that Beauford's paintings "underwent a most striking metamorphosis into freedom" during his years in Clamart. While I do not pretend to have vast knowledge of what Beauford produced during these years, I am taking the liberty of bringing you a few pieces from this period (1956-late 1961/early 1962) that I consider to be extraordinary. Enjoy!

Untitled (Yellow Abstraction)
(c. 1958-1959) Oil on paper, laid down on canvas
Aaron Galleries

Untitled (Abstract Composition)
(1961) Oil monotype on heavy wove paper
Photo courtesy of Swann Auction Galleries

(1957) Oil on canvas
© Collection Centre Pompidou, Dist. RMN / Philippe Migeat

(c. 1956) Watercolor and gouache on paper
Collection of the Delaney Estate

Nativity Scene
(1961) Oil on canvas
Private collection

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elkornegay said...

Absolutely wonderful! These paintings are masterful.