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Saturday, April 7, 2012

More on Beauford's Paris: Ile Saint-Louis

Prompted by last week's posting on Beauford's Paris: Ile Saint-Louis, Beauford's dear friend Burt Reinfrank confirmed that the building that I photographed for the article is indeed the one where James Jones and his family lived on Ile Saint-Louis. Here's a better photo of it:

10, quai d'Orléans
© Discover Paris!

Entrance to 10, quai d'Orléans at 2, rue Budé
© Discover Paris!

Burt and James Jones were on the board of the American Center. Burt commented that Beauford was frequently a guest at the Jones' home for Sunday afternoon pasta. Jones' wife Gloria had the custom of making pasta on Sundays and the couple would have an open house of sorts, inviting numerous people over to enjoy the food and camaraderie.

Burt affirmed Jones' love of Beauford's paintings and told me how Jones arranged to have Life Magazine photograph him in Beauford's rue Vercingétorix studio in an effort to give Beauford some publicity.

Composite of photo from August 4, 1967 Life Magazine article
Photographer: Loomis Dean

Thanks Burt, for contributing yet another anecdote to the Les Amis blog!


elkornegay said...

Thanks for bringing Beauford alive for us! The archeology of his living as an ex-patriot in Paris is quite fascinating!

About Beauford Delaney said...

You are quite welcome, EL!