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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Herb Gentry Serigraph Once Again Up for Auction

Hello everyone,

You may remember that during our fundraising drive for Beauford's tombstone, we received a remarkable donation from Mary Anne Rose and the Herbert Gentry estate – a beautiful serigraph entitled Simply Green. ArtNet, an organization in Manhattan that describes itself as "the place to buy, sell and research fine art online," put the work up for auction. But it did not sell.

My contact at ArtNet contacted me last month to say that the auction house was willing to try again, and that they would arrange things as quickly as possible. Today, I received a message indicating that the serigraph is once again available for sale. Bidding is now open!

Always Green
Herbert Gentry
Serigraph (2000)

Mary Anne Rose provides the following description of the print:

Always Green was done at the period the artist was working on his final three editions published by GR N’Namdi Gallery in conjunction with his book Herbert Gentry: The Man The Magic The Master. Always Green is among the artist’s final works. This serigraph was printed in 2000 at Lime Grafik in Malmo, Sweden.

Always Green is about regeneration. In the work of Herbert Gentry, the Green man refers to different aspects of fertility, as well as spiritual growth and transformation. Gentry saw his art as direct contact with the unconscious, and as an artist, he neither consciously determined a work's subjective import nor final appearance. Thus, his works trace states of being and change. The Green Man theme relates to larger paintings like Spiritually Green (1978) and He Seeth All (1962) and On All Sides (1990). Gentry realized his figurative imagery through process and each work evolved out of spontaneous and direct gesture.
Always Green will be available for bidding until Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 2.56 PM Eastern Time. The opening bid is $1500. There is no reserve price.  Please click here to visit the ArtNet site and place your bid.

Proceeds from the sale will be applied to the cost of the commemorative ceremony and reception that Les Amis is planning for Beauford to "inaugurate" his new tombstone. 

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