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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Remembrances of Beauford Delaney

An Anecdote by Burton Reinfrank

When I visited Beauford, we usually discussed art:  the latest gallery shows, the State-sponsored shows at the national museums, etc.  One comment Beauford often made to me during these discussions was "You've got the eye."  I sometimes still hear Beauford's low, resonant voice saying it today.

We were discussing gallery shows and Beauford said "Have you been by the Facchetti Gallery lately?"  I said I had not.  (By this time - 1965 - Beauford had severed all contact with the Facchettis.)  He said that two days before, he had walked by their gallery and saw through the window several large paintings on the wall, ostensibly by him.  Beauford wasn't sure that Facchetti wasn't having someone do paintings in his style.  He said, "Burt, you know my work well.  Would you mind going by the gallery and have a look at my paintings and tell me what you think?"  I said that I would.

 Beauford at one of his expositions at the 
Paul Facchetti Gallery
© Paul Facchetti

I went to the gallery and had a good look, and reported back that the paintings were certainly by him.  Beauford accepted this and never mentioned the subject again.

In 2005, I told this story to Paul Facchetti, who was then 92 years old.  His response was, "Why would I have had paintings made in his style when I couldn't sell the ones I had?"

Burton Reinfrank was a long-time friend of Beauford from the Paris years.  See the posting "Burt and Pat Reinfrank Remember Beauford" to learn more about their special relationship.

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